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Total War: Warhammer 2 confirms the Skaven as fourth race

PC Gamer - 1 hour 26 min ago
Join the rat race this September.
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PUBG abandons weekly and monthly patch schedule to maintain 'high standard of quality'

PC Gamer - 3 hours 46 min ago
"We would like to assure you all that we are still on-track to release as per our updated timeline."
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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen 'Propaganda Center' photobooth feature free on Steam

PC Gamer - 4 hours 45 min ago
Start your recruiting efforts ahead of the expansion's launch this month.
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THQ Nordic announces Black Mirror—a Gothic horror reboot about 'madness and psychological distress'

PC Gamer - 5 hours 25 min ago
Due November 28, 2017. No relation to the TV series.
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Divinity: Original Sin survey demonstrates that its fans really love isometric CRPGs

PC Gamer - 10 hours 6 min ago
...but there are other, less obvious insights in the results too.
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Middle-earth: Shadow of War has an Orc tribe called Terror and they're not nice

PC Gamer - 13 hours 13 min ago
You wouldn't mess with these Orcs in real life.
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The Good Life is a newly announced RPG by the creator of Deadly Premonition

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 23:36
It involves an English township whose citizens turn into cats.
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RX Vega's inventory problems aren't due to cryptocurrency miners

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 21:21
Limited supply at launch is normal, and there are better options for mining.
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You'll soon be able to play EVE: Valkyrie without a VR headset

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 21:11
The upcoming Warzone expansion will open the game to everyone.
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StarCraft: Remastered is a success in just about every way

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 19:48
It could be more noob friendly, and matchmaking seems to have hit a temporary snag, but we have very few complaints.
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The uncertain future of games like Deus Ex and Dishonored

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 18:34
Immersive sims have been held up as the pinnacle of PC game design, but recent sales may mean the genre is endangered.
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Creepy stealth game Hello Neighbor is delayed to December

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 18:26
An engine upgrade led to unforeseen complications.
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Papers, Please creator Lucas Pope details his next game

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 18:23
Our first hard look at Return of the Obra Dinn in months.
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Rosewill's 850W semi-modular power supply is on sale for $60

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 18:08
A high-wattage PSU with 80 Plus Bronze certification.
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Make propaganda for your XCOM 2: War of the Chosen campaign with this official app

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 18:04
On Steam now, Propaganda Center is an easy way to spread lies using your XCOM 2 squad.
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Midweek Madness - RiME, 33% Off

Steam - Tue, 2017-08-15 17:51
Save 33% on RiME during this week's Midweek Madness*!

A land of discovery stretches out before you. Explore the beautiful yet rugged world of RiME, a single-player puzzle adventure.

*Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time

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Now Available on Steam - Nidhogg 2, 10% off!

Steam - Tue, 2017-08-15 17:35
Nidhogg 2 is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!*

The rules are simple. Reach the other side and kill anyone that stands in your way. Deftly parry and rend their throats, riddle their bowels with arrows, or squish their brains between your toes. The wurm cares not for chivalry.

*Offer ends August 22 at 10AM Pacific Time
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H1Z1: Just Survive has a new map, adds a stronghold system, and drops the 'H1Z1'

PC Gamer - Tue, 2017-08-15 17:28
While there's a lot of focus on PvP in the update, there are plans for a future quest system to enhance PvE as well.
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