ADSL and 4G in Namibia

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ADSL and 4G in Namibia

Hi Guys

So I am moving back to Namibia from SA soon and having a lekker 1mb Uncapped here I have been wondering what such a connection would cost me in Namibia.

Also,anyone with a 4G connection in Windhoek,could you post up some feedback and possibly Speedtest results.

One more thing,the HUAWEI B593 which is MTC's default 4G WiFi Router,is it possible to get it for a lower price?

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Re: ADSL and 4G in Namibia

1mb uncapped is 650-900 (depending on how long you take the contract for)

More detailed prices -

4G has a cap @ 90gb or something, so you may want to be wary of it. (Not sure of the pricing)

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Re: ADSL and 4G in Namibia

4G gives you this :

DSL - not even a 2MBit line does this... so ... for me hands down 4G. On DSL the average ping so Capetown is around 90 - 120 ms. It is more consistent ... but a 2meg line costs you 1050 per month (give or take a few depending on calls made on the line)

4G costs you in the first month - 280 connection fee + 999 Sub fee. Thereafter 999 for the unlimited 4G (with a 90 GB softcap - ie. you hit 90GB in a billing cycle (28th till the next 28th) they limit you to a 1 meg link. Just make sure that you do not sit in a no-coverage zone / poor coverage, as this DOES influence your speed and quality of connection and consistency.

Also Tandelta in Windhoek sell DSL / 4G routers. they are decent enough and the Wifi range is respectable (better than my Dlink624 with external antenna) and the cost is about 800 bucks last I checked.

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