Skyrim + CryEngine

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Skyrim + CryEngine
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Re: Skyrim + CryEngine

much prettyness. if only CoD would take a hint from this :think:

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Re: Skyrim + CryEngine

Not sure how I feel about only spells. It's nice, but every game that has mages, when people get in melee range you suffer as a mage >_<

Other than that, it looks sexy. Hope it plays as good as it looks :D

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Re: Skyrim + CryEngine

Graphics looks fantastic. But it isn't open world, and magic only seems like a bit of a downer for me too.
No matter. At least if it's a little more linear I should be able to actually finish it.
I struggle to finish titles lately. BUT I will defnitely be finishing Witcher 3 when it's released. The second one was fantastic.

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